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Copywriting Agency London – Why You NEED One!

As a business owner or manager, you have likely learned about the importance of a strong content marketing strategy. Hopefully, you’ve embraced it.

Times have changed, and the world of the web and social media means keeping up requires a lot of well written, well timed, targeted copy. A lot of it.

But even if you’re willing to accept these facts and work to improve your business’ content, the task is enormous, and odds are you don’t have the resources within your company to accomplish it well.

Between the amount of time required to research and develop sound strategy and produce the amount of copy you need, and the expertise required to write quality content, most businesses simply don’t have the manpower or skill to accomplish it.

Which is why you need to work with copywriting agencies.

Agencies can Handle Everything

When you work with a quality copywriting agency, you can relax knowing that they can handle the entire writing process.

While they will need to meet or speak with you to learn your company’s brand and voice, they can take it from there. The whole process, from research, to developing the content strategy, to writing the content, and performing editing and quality control to ensure the copy matches your business’ voice and needs, a good writing agency will manage it all for you.

This frees up your team significantly, as it means you won’t really even need to worry about a team-member editing the content when it’s delivered, as you may have to do if working with independent contract writers.

Agencies can Write Everything

Another benefit to working with copywriting agencies is their diverse team.

As any marketer or content strategist knows, even one business will need a variety of content types developed. With a large team of writers, good agencies will have copywriters with experience and expertise in both a wide range of content styles as well as a wide range of industries.

This means you should be able to find an agency who has writers who can handle your industry-specific needs, producing relevant, intelligent content, as well as who can expertly produce the variety of content type with expertise.

Whether you need blogs or press releases, webpage content, product descriptions, social media postings, or advertisement copy, a solid agency has the writers who can do it best.

If you need a change in type of content and the writer the agency previously assigned to your other work does not usually focus on it, rather than you having to scramble to find another writer or train one in-house, the agency simply taps the shoulder of one of their other writers who can take it on with ease.

The bottom line is that you will not be left scrambling to find more writers suited to your changing content needs, or left settling with what you have because you have one in-house writer who will have to do.

When you find good copywriting agencies to work with, they have all of the skill and talent required to produce your varying and changing content needs.

Agencies can Stick to Your Deadlines

Finally, content management agencies with copywriters offer a stability that neither freelancers or in-house writers can offer.

When you’re working with your own writer or an individual contractor, they will be trying to balance your production schedule and deadlines with other work priorities. If they get sick, take a holiday, or have a seemingly more pressing project, your content needs may slide off the radar, leaving you in a lurch.

When you work with copywriting agencies, however, you set a budget, content load, and timelines. Because agencies have a large team of qualified writers, even when holidays or illness come, they can simply shift the work requirements to other available writers. There won’t ever be any hiccups in your content production.

This also works great when you have busy or slow content seasons – you can simply adjust your production load with the agency, rather than worrying about whether to hire a whole new writer or having to support one who doesn’t have enough work to keep busy.

Need a Copywriting Agency?

If you’re content strategy and production has been suffering from the lack of proper support and resources, get in touch with us today. We can help get your strategy and copy back on track and show you what a difference quality copy can make.