General Questions

1Do I really need social media marketing?
If you’re not convinced, read our What and How pages to get a sense of what our service can do for your business. Social media marketing is fast becoming a business-essential. If your competitors aren’t already on-board, they soon will be. You’ve still got time to get ahead if you start putting a strategy in place now.
2Why should I outsource my social media marketing?
Effective social media marketing is time-consuming. Social networks are a fast-paced technology that requires time, effort and diligence to secure success. And that’s before you start worrying about Google algorithms, keyword-density and blah, blah, blah...To put this in context, you have to post on a regular basis in order for Google to deem you “socially active”. Very few small to medium business have the resources in-house to keep up with these demands. That’s where we come in. We know the recipe for a social media marketing mix that will bend Google’s algorithms to your will, we have a team of specialists primed and ready to post on your behalf each day and a bespoke content-writing service that will establish your authority and do you proud!
3How can I trust you to present my company in the best light?
Your reputation is our reputation. SocialMotion has a hard working staff of specialist trained, native English speakers proficient in Search Engine Optimisation, Content Writing and related disciplines. Also, our advance scheduling allows you an extra layer of protection: since all content is queued up seven days in advance, there’s plenty of time for us to apply stringent quality-control and you’ll have time to make any changes via your dashboard at your leisure.
4Will I get engagement and traffic reports?
Of course. We make monitoring your ROI super-satisfying by providing you with a very good-looking (if we do say so ourselves) and user-friendly dashboard.
5I’m not sure this is appropriate for my industry...there are only so many times you can tweet #WindowCleaning
If you’re under the impression that your business isn’t “cool” enough for social media, we’ve got news for you. Even utilitarian industries like finance, construction or insurance can (and should) leverage the power of social media to see significant business benefits. We thoroughly research your industry or sector and scout out engaging and useful content to bring to your audience.

Product Questions

1How do I know I’ll like the content you provide?
Because you’ll be in control! All our content will be posted on your social channels via your own personal online dashboard, where you can view all content at least one week before it goes live. There’s plenty of opportunity for you to make sure everything is perfect.
2How often will you post content on our behalf?
We offer packages that provide an optimal mix of daily content with additional expert blog articles to be posted to your own blog or on third-party sites.
3Can you blog about my industry?
Certainly! Our approach is journalistic in nature. We investigate high quality sources for seed content and create cohesive articles based on facts, figures and actionable advice.
4Do you provide image posts?
Of course! We know how important images are to driving engagement. All our packages include image posts to your chosen network each week and our expert content includes one image per article to ramp up your blog’s visual impact.
5Do I get chance to approve the blog post topics?
Yes! We’ll research topics that are popular in your niche and then send them to you for approval. We’ll ensure we hit the nail on the head every step of the way!
6Can I approve the blog articles too?
Yes! We’ll send you the drafts for approval and you can request as many edits as you like (although this is rarely necessary).
7Will the blog articles be optimised for search engines?
Yes! -100%. Our articles are meticulously crafted from first word to final full-stop to bring more traffic to your blog. The process starts even before we put pen to paper (or fingertip to keyboard) when we undertake our initial research in your niche. We look into what’s popular, what’s being shared and what’s being discussed in your industry so we know what we write will hit the mark. If you have Yoast installed (or a similar SEO plugin), we’ll optimise the post with an SEO title, description, short URL, focus keywords and more.

Nitty Gritty

1Will I be tied to a fixed-term contract?
Absolutely not. We don’t use fixed-term contracts, so you’ll never find yourself locked into something you’re uncomfortable with. We do use contracts to protect ourselves and our clients but you won’t find any fixed terms.
2How do I pay for this service?
We use a direct debit system for all clients, which ensure simplicity and efficiency for both of us.

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