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If you run a business in the greater London area and have payed any attention to marketing trends, you likely understand that content is what it’s all about now.

You don’t just need copy written to fill your brochures — you need copy for your website, copy for your weekly blog, copy for social media posts, copy for guest posts, articles, reviews, frequent website updates…

The list goes on, as does the copy. Copywriting Agency London

The Dilemma

If you own or manage an SME, you may be thinking of attempting to generate all the content yourself, but that would be a mistake. Do you honestly have the time or expertise (as a writer or as a marketer) to truly produce the amount and quality content you need to create results?

If you own a larger corporation with your own marketing department, you may be thinking of allocating the task to a current employee, or hiring an in-house writer, but either of those would also be a mistake.

In the former instance, a current employee who already has daily tasks to perform will easily put off copywriting as a back-burner task, and in the latter, an in-house writer will develop tunnel vision, limited perspective, and less reliability.

So, what’s the solution?

Freelance copywriters London – We like to think we’re the best!

Don’t be too surprised. There are actually many proven benefits to working with freelance copywriters in London, rather than writing the content yourself or bringing the task in-house.

Here are at least four reasons why we believe you need to work with freelance copywriters in London to develop effective copy for your business:

1. Amount

As hinted at above, the sheer amount of content that needs to be generated on a daily and weekly basis is daunting.

And not only does much content need to be produced to keep your website, social media, and SEO fresh, up-to-date and competitive, but a wide variety of content as well.

This is more than you or any other employee who already holds a position has time to do. It can be a full-time task on its own.

By hiring a free-lance writer, you can hire and pay for the exact amount of work that you need produced, no more and no less.

This means having someone working for you who is wholly devoted to producing your content, but who won’t be twiddling their thumbs and wasting your resources should you not have enough content to keep a full-time in-house writer busy.

2. Quality

In addition to the sheer amount of content, you also need the content to be top notch in quality. This means much more than simply well-written, grammatically sound prose.

This means clever, catchy content that is targeted at your audience and effective for gaining interest, earning loyalty, and converting readers into buyers.

Such quality content requires a high-quality writer. While it is possible, odds are that neither you as the business owner, nor your current employees possess the expertise and experience required.

With a freelance copywriter, you not only get a professional, but you can find one who is particularly experience with industries related to yours, meaning one who truly understands the type of content needed to be particularly effective for your target audience.

3. Perspective

Perhaps one of the most important reasons to use freelance writers in London, rather than doing it yourself or bringing it in-house, is the valuable perspective that freelancers have to offer.

First, they offer outside perspective and insight. They are not stuck inside of your company’s constant thought processes and methodology, which means that much like a consultant, they can take an outsider’s look at your content strategy up to that point and provide beneficial critique that an insider just can’t offer.

Because they won’t be blinded by company mindset, they will more easily be able to create content that can break away from any bad habits and into new, effective trends, than an in-house writer.

Furthermore, besides offering outside perspective, freelance writers also offer a broader perspective. Freelancers typically write for a vast array of industry types and purposes. As such, they get exposed to a wide variety of strategies and concepts that they can repurpose for your company. A freelancer’s perspective and broad experience will allow them to bring a whole new level of creativity and unique strategy to your company’s content.

4. Flexibility

Finally, though there are many others, working with a freelance copy writer means a freeing level of flexibility. If you have a heavy content load for a season, you can hire one (or more) freelancers to get the specific tasks done.

But when the seasons change and you don’t have as much content requirements, rather than having to either float someone on salary, or fire someone because you can’t afford to float them, you simply order less work from your freelancer.

They are there for you when you need them, but not draining you when you don’t.

Freelance Copywriters in London

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