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If your business isn’t on social media, then it doesn’t exist.

Well, it might as well not, at least for the majority of internet users out there.

Like it or not, social media is here to stay, and if you aren’t marketing and putting your business out there through those channels, you are missing out.

Not sure the situation is really that serious? Take a look at just a few of the hundreds of stats demonstrating social media’s dominance:
• Lead-to-close rate is 100% higher with social media marketing than traditional outbound marketing
• Over 90% of brands are using multiple forms of social media to market themselves
• 70% plus business-to-consumer marketers have gained new customers just from Facebook – not to mention from other platforms like Instagram and Twitter
• More than 80% of VPs and CEOs rely on social media to help with purchasing decisions
• A Texas Tech University report demonstrated that brands who social media have a larger loyal customer base

There’s so much more, but we won’t labour the point. Social Media Management London

Social Media Marketing London – Learn Social from the Best in the City

So why is social media marketing such a powerful and important game plan for your business?

7 Reasons You Need Social Media Marketing

We can think of SO many reasons, but here are the top 7:

• Traffic: well composed and timed posts on social media can drive an astounding amount of traffic to your website. Your social media activity is a (free) way to get customer and potential customer attention and drive them to your website where they can learn more about your company and product and be converted into buyers.

• Ranking: as many of us know, more traffic and more quality content both mean better SEO and higher search engine rankings which is super helpful for being found and for further increasing quality, convertible traffic to your website.

• Engagement: there is truly no better way to engage with current and potential customers than through social media platforms. You can create posts, videos, events, activities and promotions for them to interact with, and you can return the favor by following them and interacting with their posts.

Customer engagement, especially for the up and coming generation of consumers, is extremely important for gaining their business and their loyalty.

• Rapport: when you consistently engage with consumers and non-competing, complimentary businesses with value-adding and shareable content with customers, you create a priceless rapport with your audience.

Furthermore, social media allows you to see what your target audience is saying about you and your product, and if there are any problems, you will be the first to know and the first to be able to make it right. This opportunity is worth more than its weight in gold, as study after study demonstrate that companies who are willing and quick to address complaints (voluntarily) keep their customers and gain the trust of many more.

• Branding: besides all of the above engagement and rapport building, social media provides abundant opportunity to create a solid, memorable brand.

Especially because of the ability to use multi-modal posting (share text-posts, videos, events, etc.), and the fact that your loyal audience base is likely to share quality posts, your brand can spread far and wide for relatively little to no cost.

• Targeting: while most of what we have discussed thus far can be done just through being skillfully active on social media platforms, don’t forget the actual social media advertisement opportunities.

With the tools they have for many of the platforms now, you can seriously target your ideal customer base. Facebook ads, for instance, enable you to identify and target users based on their age, education level, geographic location, even purchase history. You can also add a FB pixel to your site that allows you to retarget your site visitors.

• Presence: at this point, it should be obvious that through all of the above, your business will be able to develop quite the web presence. Especially if you can create value-adding, creative posts, videos, and events that your viewers will want to share, you can be a master of the internet in a relatively quick period of time.

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